Bedford Slims review

Bedford Slims Ecig Review

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Launched in 2010, Bedford Slims is known as Brooklyn’s vapourette company. Bedford Slims electronic cigarette perform very well and their eliquid flavors are amazing. Although the ejuice lineup by Bedford Slims is less than some of their competitors, the great flavors more than make up for the lack of options. Bedford clearly has a focus on quality. For those seeking something out of the ordinary, we highly suggest the root or dark roast flavors by Bedford Slims. Both of these ejuice or “eliquids” not only taste great, but contain caffeine.

Checkout the battery recycling program offered by Bedford Slims. You can send 7 of your old batteries in exchange for a new ecig battery. They are clearly an environmentally friendly company.

Starter Kits

Don’t let the size fool you. While Bedford Slims maybe the small kid on the block, they stack up nicely when compared with the larger electronic cigarette manufactures. While their accessory options are very limited, it’s rumored they have some new ecig products being released soon. So check back for updates or subscribe to our list below for notification.

Six Starter Kit options

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  • Gold Edition Vapourette Mini-Kit
  • Stainless Steel Vapourette Mini-Kit
  • Vapourette Starter System
  • Vapourette Starter System (2 Batteries)
  • Menthol Mini-Kit Carton -10 Count
  • Tobacco Mini-Kit Carton -10 Count


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  • Power Up USB Vapourette Recharger
  • Adapt USB to Wall Charger
  • Vapourette Batteries
  • Power Up USB Charger and Wall Adapter Pack
  • Short Sleeve Bedford Slims Tee Shirts
  • Soft Pack Vapourette Carrying Case


Bedford Slims ejuice flavors:

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  • Hi-Menthol
  • Root
  • Dark Roast
  • Menthol
  • Clove
  • Tobacco
  • Turkish Cut
  • Southern Tobacco

Bedford Slims Coupon

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Overall Bedford Slims Opinion

While Bedford Slims isn’t as established as some of the bigger manufacturers, they’re certainly an excellent choice. Their eliquid flavors are excellent, the batteries are stylish and the pricing is great.

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