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Learn about Ecigs

Electronic cigarettes also known as e-cigarettes, vape pens or ecigs are battery operated devices that heat eliquid known as ejuice to produce vapor. Formerly “smokers” would inhale and exhale the burning smoke from traditional cigarettes. This processed is quickly being replaced by “vaping”. Ecig vapor mimics smoke, but without the combustion, tar, ash, or odor of traditional cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes typically contain (pharmaceutical grade) nicotine in a solution of Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), or a combination thereof.

What is an Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit?

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits typically include everything you need to get started using an electronic cigarette. An ecig starter kit usually contains a rechargeable ecig battery (or multiple, depending on the e-cig brand or kit selected), a USB charger, often a wall adapter is included, and pre-filled ecig flavor cartridges. Many electronic cigarette starter kits include additional accessories, such as a Portable Charging Case (also known as a “PCC”), carry case, USB pass-through, and/or an auto adapter to charge your device in the car. Choose either an automatic e-cig or manual e-cig battery, pair it with the cartridge flavor of your choice and you’re on your way! reviews the top electronic cigarette brands on the market to help you determine the best e-cigarette starter kit to meet your needs. Choosing the right ecig starter kit is an important first step in making the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to the world of vaping. We’re here to help!

Electronic Cigarette Batteries – Manual vs. Automatic

An electronic cigarette is comprised of an ecig battery, atomizer, and a flavor cartridge. The battery is housed within the tube-like body of the e-cig unit, and electronic cigarette batteries are available in both manual and automatic options. A manual ecig battery features a button to power the atomizer and activate the heating element of the device, which affords the user greater control over the vapor production and minimizes time for “priming” the unit. Automatic ecig batteries contain no button, and are activated simply by puffing on them; the air flow passes through a sensor, which in turn activates the heating element of the device. Many e-cig batteries contain an automatic shut-off after a certain period of time (e.g., 10 second cut-off), to prevent the device from overheating and burning the flavor cartridge.

Depending on your preference, both manual and automatic options deliver performance tailored to the user. Most electronic cigarette batteries are rechargeable lithium ion, and the batteries can be charged and drained for many cycles of the battery cell before replacement is needed. Many of the top electronic cigarette brands offer battery replacements or a warranty on the hardware of their electronic cigarettes. Automatic ecig batteries are powered when you puff on them; manual ecig batteries are triggered by a button located on the side of the body. The ecig battery powers the atomizer, which then heats the e-liquid contained in the flavor cartridge into a smoke-like vapor.
Electronic Cigarette Flavor Cartridges

Cartridge + Atomizer = Cartomizer

Electronic cigarette flavor cartridges are the interchangeable refill tips that connect to the ecig battery to produce vapor. The flavor cartridge is located on the end of the battery where the traditional cigarette filter would be located. Flavor cartridges can be purchased in a variety of different nicotine strengths, as well as a multitude of flavors. Most ecig flavor cartridges are a based on the modern two-piece design, with the atomizer built-in to the flavor cartridge (also known as a “cartomizer”). Older style electronic cigarettes used to feature a 3-piece design, where the user would have to replace the atomizer separately from the flavor cartridge – these models are predominantly outdated in today’s market.
How does it work?

An electronic cigarette flavor cartridge typically contains a cotton material that is saturated with e-liquid, a solution containing nicotine + flavoring. As the atomizer heats the e-liquid solution, a vapor is produced which simulates traditional tobacco smoke. Some electronic cigarette brands offer tank systems without any cotton material, and instead feature a reservoir containing e-liquid and a wick which absorbs the solution and is heated by the atomizer to produce vapor.

Different electronic cigarette brands feature different threading on the batteries/cartridges, to allow them to be interchangeable with other models of similar threading, or remain proprietary to the ecig brand. The most common threading seen in most electronic cigarettes on the market today is KR808D-1 (threads on the battery are male, threads on the cartridge are female – e.g., V2 Cigs, Vapor4Life, Premium E-Cigarettes, Halo [G6], EverSmoke, and Bull Smoke) , KR808D-2 threading (threads on the battery are female, threads on the battery are female, threads on the cartridge are male – e.g., Green Smoke, Smoke 51, and E-Smoke), and 510 threading (e.g., Blu Cigs, Volcano, Eluma, and Joye).

Regardless of your preference, is your one-stop resource for electronic cigarette reviews, ecig industry news, and coupon codes. We will help you find the best electronic cigarette to meet your needs, and keep you informed of the latest ecig sales and promotions.

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